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About Us

Mojisons Heavy Equipment, established in 2021, deals in truck and heavy equipment sales, exports, shipping, and auto transport.

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Since 2021

Bridging Continents with Quality Heavy Machinery

Mojisons Heavy Equipment, established in 2021, is a dynamic enterprise focused on the sale, export, and transportation of heavy equipment. 

Our primary mission is to source used heavy machinery from North America and export them to different part of the world for sale.

At Mojisons we’re more than just a company, we are your partner in building a better future, bridging continents for growth and sustainable development. With years of experience in the industry, we are your experts in the field.

Our dedication to excellence begins right here. We don't just provide heavy machinery, equipment, and trucks, we deliver reliability, performance, and excellence.

Our Expertise:

Mojisons Heavy Equipment specializes in the acquisition of pre-owned heavy machinery across North America, with a strong emphasis on Canada and the USA. Our diverse inventory includes construction machinery, agricultural equipment, industrial vehicles, and more.

Shipping Excellence:

We build relationship that last, it doesn’t just stop at the purchase, we take it further, we excel in efficient managent of shipping and transportation of your equipment from North America to any part of the world.

Quality Assurance:

Mojisons Heavy Equipment acquires used heavy equipment from reputable sources in Canada and the USA. Our meticulous selection process ensures that only top-quality machinery is chosen for resale.


MOJISONS LTD envisions itself as: 
“A pioneering force driving global change by revolutionizing the heavy equipment sales and export industry through sustainable practices, innovation, and community empowerment.”


The mission of MOJISONS LTD is to serve as a catalyst for sustainable development and economic growth while making meaningful contributions to both the Canadian and international communities.
At its core, MOJISONS LTD aims to bridge continents by facilitating the acquisition, refurbishment, and global exportation of high-quality used heavy machinery sourced from Canada.

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Our Service

Mojisons Heavy Equipment: Bridging the Gap in Heavy Machinery Across Global Markets. Discover Our Services.

heavy equipment

Heavy Equipment

We specialize in sourcing pre-owned heavy machinery from trusted suppliers in Canada and the USA. Our extensive network allows us to access a wide variety of equipment, including construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and industrial vehicles.

shipping and transportation

Shipping and Transportation

Our expertise lies in the efficient and secure transportation of heavy equipment from North America to various global destinations. We handle all logistics, ensuring your machinery reaches its destination safely and on time.

machinery resale

Machinery Resale

We are dedicated to providing top-quality machinery to meet the growing demand in various markets worldwide. Our careful selection process ensures that only reliable and high-performance equipment is offered for resale.

We prioritize your satisfaction and offer ongoing support to address any concerns or issues you may encounter.
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